Weight Loss Center in Houston
Looking for a quick weight-loss center in Houston? Turn to Amaya , dedicated to rejuvenation and health. At Amaya, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is just a phone call away. Known for industry-leading health therapies, the center provides a wealth of knowledge and experience about medical weight loss in Houston.
Key to Success
Feeling young and keeping the weight off is the goal for all patients. By combining the weight-loss and anti-aging therapies used at the clinic, along with the advice from our doctors, you will find the key to your success! Whether you want to try the Weight Loss Diet, our newest laser lipo, ZERONA, or a new diet program tailored just for you, you can trust our techniques and experience to deliver the results you are looking for!
If you have searched and searched for a Houston weight loss center that will provide results, this is the right place. No more fancy diet pills or diet fads that work for a while and then slowly fade away. The center aims to provide your best results yet because we will specifically design a program for you. After you meet with your doctor, a comprehensive evaluation will be done. Rest assured that the staff has been trained and certified to take great care of you every step of the way! 
Bioidentical Hormones
What are they? In short, bioidentical hormones replace what you may be lacking naturally. They are the mirror-image of your own hormones and seek to replenish what is missing. Starting with the lowest dose possible and progressing until results are obtained, the hormones are used to help cure what has been stressing you out, such as symptoms of menopause, weight issues, sexual frustrations and more. 
Liposuction Advancement - ZERONA!
Do not be the last person to find out about the great way to lose weight without pain! If you have extra pounds and need a way to lose them fast, then look no further!
With a trip to Amaya , you can non-invasively receive the ZERONA laser-lipo treatment and melt away the fat! This treatment removes unwanted fat from trouble areas such as your hips, waist and thighs. The laser helps to shed unwanted fat, which then are removed through the body's detoxification process. The treatment is done externally, so there are no surgery wounds as with many other prior Houston liposuction surgeries that have been performed. We want you to go home pain-free!
Fit into those skinny jeans soon! Contact Us. We serve patients throughout Houston/Sugar Land, Katy, Missouri City, Meadows Place, Greatwood, Pecan Grove, Mission Bend, Cinco Ranch and Four Corners.

Amaya Antiaging and Weight Loss Clinic

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